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Schools Where International Educators Can Build Up Their Savings


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There are many reasons to want to be an International Educator. A lot of people do it to be able to travel and experience other cultures. But there are an equal number of people who know that if they teach back in America, they'll never be able to save money – and they really want to boost their savings for retirement and other future expenses.

There's nothing wrong with that – and picking a school where you can live modestly while increasing your savings is a worthy goal. That's why we are glad that Asset Builder recently surveyed international teachers to find the schools where they are able to save the most amount of money.

We're going to pass their list onto you now.

·      Singapore American School. One educator and his wife were able to pay cash for a $280,000 home after teaching for six years here. 

·      International School of Kuala Lumpur. Teachers here can have maids, travel quite a bit, go out partying and still save around $35,000 a year.

·      The International School of Bangkok. Because of matching savings plans from the school, a father of two was able to save $58,000 a year during his tenure here.

·      Canadian International School of Hong Kong. By living in a 700-square-foot home, a teacher couple was able to save $100,000 a year while taking regular vacations in Spain.

·      Yokohama International School and the International of the Sacred Heart. An American couple saved $80,000 in a year while teaching at these international schools in Tokyo.

·       Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools. Even though they went on some very expensive trips, a couple was able to save $87,000 in a single year working in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, we've also talked to people who have worked at great schools and were able to save money. Here are some of our personal recommendations.

·      International School of Manila. You can choose to teach high school, middle school or elementary school while making your bank manager very happy.

·      American School in Japan. With starting salaries near $70,000 a year and compensation for experienced teaches even higher, saving money is very possible here.

·      Hong Kong International School. For 50 years, international educators have been able to save money while teaching young children here. It offers American style education with a Christian perspective.

·       NIST International School. This not-for-profit school in Thailand pays its teachers very well, even though the cost of living in the region is very low. It's a great school with a great reputation.

What about your experiences? Have you found a great school where you can save mucho dinero? If so, let us know in the comments.

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Jakarta International School. A teacher of 8 years experience with a Masters will start on around 55k, rising to above 70k after 7 years service. Teachers who have graduate credits above the Masters earn more. Retirement is another 10-12% above that. I am able to save around $US7000 a month and still have a nice lifestyle.

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