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Schrole Recruiters

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We signed up with this company last year and did not get many inquiries from them.  They seem to be pretty limited in the number of schools that use them. But, I like their website.  It is easy to use.

We are signed up for their new job listings email and only get one or two of those per week.  It seems there is little activity going on there.  Does anyone have other experiences with this company?



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I signed up with Schrole in late March of 2017 when my school fell apart, knowing at the time that it was late in the hiring season. I received quality matches and had several phone interviews.

My current school actually contacted me after reading my Schrole resume and info.

It appears that Schrole appeals to schools that do not want to do the "BIG Three" hiring companies and want more control over their criteria.

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