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  1. I have had a very positive experience teaching at the Cebu International School. I did find out after I got here that there had been problems in the past, but as far as I can tell that was due to one former administrator and is no longer an issue. I know that the problems did lead to lower enrollment, but if anything I found that a plus because it gave me plenty of time to interact with all of my students. My favorite part about teaching at Cebu was that I was given a great deal of academic freedom and encouraged to find innovative ways to reach my students. I felt like I had a lot of support from both the administration and other members of the faculty. That said, things are still not perfect here. There are not as many resources as you would expect. Having to share equipment and other teaching tools with other teachers is something I had to learn to live with. The pay is really not that great and I don't get a sense that is going to improve given that fewer students mean less money for salaries. The city itself is not particularly interesting, and you will have to see a lot of poverty first hand. Despite what you would think from its location, getting to the beach during your time off is neither practical nor convenient. Traffic is hell. You will also be expected to work longer hours than are typically assigned at an international school. But for me the academic freedom and support from the school community itself made up for the downsides and my experience, overall, has been positive. I would easily recommend other teachers to join the staff at CIS. You may work long and hard but you will have a great experience.