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  2. I’m a deputy head at an inner city comprehensive and my wife is a head of English. We have two children, 5 and 10, and are considering teaching abroad.
  3. Hello all... I am currently teaching Reception in a small international school in Thailand. I have a Bachelors (Image and Sound Design) and teaching experience, but not a license. I am from Argentina so I won't be living in UK to get a QTS. I would like to develop my career and my colleagues here have done the PGCE (IDL) in the University of Sunderland. 7455 euros for a year. This is not the PGCE that would get you QTS (that is more expensive and of course you need to be there plus other requirements). Now the University of Derby offers the iPGCE for around 3060 euros, while the University of East London costs 1700 euros and so on... how can it be such a wide difference in pricing, considering they all last more or less the same time, 60 credits, online learning and similar requirements? The PGCE (IDL) might be a bit more different but how about 3060euros vs 1700euros for the same certificate? I have never studied in Europe so maybe there is some basics I am not taking into account? I also wanted to ask how much of a difference it makes to hold an iPGCE... as I have read the bigger difference comes whether you hold QTS or not. Of course it is always good to keep learning and an extra certificate does not at all hurt. But is an investment of 7455 Euros really worth an PGCE (IDL)? Specially considering I am not a native speaker so of course will never get to a top notch international school lol. I wonder if any of you has done this course, through one of these universities? Any recommendations? Or maybe you know more about studying in UK and why can there be such a wide difference in pricing? Any comment is welcome. Even if you studied something else in any of the mentioned universities! Thanks a lot.
  4. Hello everyone, I am Gabriela from Argentina, currently teaching Reception in Thailand. I am an Image and Sound Designer with a passion for outdoors and art. I love walking in mountains and glacier progressions (specially when I find myself alone in nature), open water swimming, cyclotouring. I started as an Audiovisual teacher (stop motion) for primary school students. Then became a governess in the Australian desert and finally one of the outcomes of the Pancake Trail in SEA XD, teaching in Thailand, China, and so on. I am very curious and I am always trying to drive the children's curiosity so they can question and produce their own knowledge as much as possible. I have also enjoyed teaching Drama and Art. I am here mainly to ask about the PGCE course as I am not a licensed teacher and I am interested in developing my career. This will actually be my next post.
  5. Hi all, I have a question regarding what might be the best option for international school teaching certification. FIrstly, I am a Canadian citizen but I have no interest in teaching in Canada. I would like to have a better chance to teach at international schools (not necessarily IB but that wouldn't hurt). I am not getting a Canadian certification because it's 2 years and upscale 15 - 20 thousand Canadian. I am interested in doing a distance learning course that will gain me some teaching certification. In short: My question is will it be more valueble to do a PGCE to obtain QTS (even though I don't want to teach in the UK)? Or is any US teaching certification just as valuable to international schools? It's a bit tricky since I don't want to teach in the UK or in the US but it seems those are the best options for obtaining teacher status. As I said, in Canada there are no online or affordable options... Any insight? Thank you very much!
  6. Welcome Kimberly. It is a bit quite here but we are working on an addition to the site.
  7. My name is Kimberly Watts. I have a BA in English and Literature and a Masters in English and Writing. I am an American but I have taught English in Mexico for a decade at a university and plenty of private schools (ESL teachers usually have multiple jobs in Mexico). I recently joined this site to network with other educators around the world and to look for teaching opportunities as I am working on a doctorate in Education with a specialty in English Language Learners. I want to work with different types of students to develop a learning program with curriculum for an L1, L2, and L3 (L1, English, and Spanish). I look forward to hearing from other teachers who might have advice or teaching opportunities abroad. Kimberly Watts
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