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Frodo Frank Reed hoping to head off on a journey!


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Hello Everyone!


 - I want to become a teacher abroad ( in Sweden) have very little experience in teaching, and even less idea on where i should start. Please help me International educators, you are my only hope!

LONG  (rather self indulgent, due to currrent social distancing)  VERSION


 Can i be Frank, 

I want to go on a journey and I'm at the very beginning.

 Now; I'm reliably informed by Julie Andrews, among others it's a very good place to start. I'm not entirely convinced of this notion always being for the best but in this instance, that is exactly where i find myself! 

I want to become a teacher, teaching abroad no less, and i have almost zero experience to boot. Basically....... Help me, PLEEEEASE! 

I want to take some of you on this journey, not everybody, (everybody won't want to!) there is not enough room in this vehicle any way it's currently an old robin reliant, i might upgrade at some point we shall see. Only the chosen few will in all probability see it through, me at the very least would be rather useful but its a dangerous arduous journey full of struggle full of the utmost torment i'm sure.


To give you slightly more background to this story, In August last year, i moved to Sweden (part 1 of the journey). I have  been advised i am what's known here in this magical land as a 'Kärleksinvandrare'  (Love immigrant!) as, to be fair, that is exactly what i am! 

I just happened to meet a beautiful Swedish woman ( an as yet untold  spin off prequel) and decided to take a  massive leap of faith abroad, Brexiting in, so i thought, rather unique fashion. As it turns out, perhaps not so unique, as like i say,  they already have a name for  people like me in these here parts!

Anyway, my working background is one of Telecommunication and engineering, 20 odd years in fact with a rather well known firm in Britain. It was enjoyable for a time but i yearned for a more fulfilling role, something where i could give back and be a useful part of my chosen society. I have gained A-Levels of a rather disappointing nature a long time ago. I am now, having started to study again via SFI language school, ready to and committed to being better qualified, certified and altogether more employable in a new career and industry.

Recently,  and partly due to the sinister Covid-19 sci fi global extermination attempt,  an opportunity has arisen, allowing me to test my skills and interest in teaching. It's  actually gone rather well  so far and i'm hooked! Let me in! Take my money! (There's not much!) Where do i sign up to be an English teacher here in Sweden?? Obviously the school where i've been assisting is a great source on knowledge but  why not ask around. This seems like just the place

i hope there is someone in here who has been faced with the same dilemmas as i have and shows pity on my innocence of undiluted enthusiasm for teaching and helps me along the way?

Look forward to meeting you all.


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Are you looking to teach in a language school or a private school?  Most schools that are international schools require certification from the USA which often requires teacher certificates from the USA. However, working in a language school, they will often hire native speakers without certification.

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Hi Michael,  thanks for taking the time to enquire.

Ny  main priority is to be qualified to teach English  here in Sweden, as a second language as that's where I'm living. Being a native Englishman with English being  my mother tongue language I would hope the study journey might be slightly shorter but not necessarily.

If my qualifications allow me to teach internationally in other locations all the better. 

I wonder how the Swedish system differs in terms if qualification from say the TEFL  qualifications that are offered on line to allegedly teach in 10's of different locations around the world. 

...as I said,  the road is long!

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This is one way to get US Certification that is easy to transfer into many countries. You will need to check in Sweden what they need.The requirements will be different for private international schools and Swedish schools (which will be hard to impossible). 

For ESL, CELTA certification is good for teaching adults but not sure how high the demand is in Sweden.


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