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Introducing a retired physics guy


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Hi this is Thom, I am a young and adventurous 55 year-old and I have been teaching high school level and college level physics for nearly 30 years in New York State public high school. I plan to retire in 1-2 years and don’t want to waste my retirement on a beach! 
I would love to try teaching internationally But have a lot of questions: 
1. What are some good resources other than this forum to learn about this?

2. I have looked into Cambridge international schools and and International  Baccalaureate Schools, but are their specific certifications I need?

3. If I bring my wife with me will housing be provided for both of us?

4. What is the range of pay I might expect and will housing and travel be included?

Thanks for letting me join!









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If you have a NY State Teaching license, you will find a job easy. Many international schools are looking for teachers with some IB experience. You can easily take a few online and you should be fine.

Most places give a housing allowance and you use it how you want. If you wife works, it is double for many places.  Some school actually provide the house or apartment and they take into account who is traveling with you.

Pay is good for many areas. The Middle East and Asia tend to be higher pay than EU. I'd suggest joining both The International Educator and Search Associates. You will get to view and watch postings and see salary trends. Search is the better of the employment agencies. IMHO

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