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Should I Get Google Education Certifications?

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One question that pops up from time to time when I talk to other educators and potential educators is whether they should get Google Education certifications.

It's a fair question. After all, there are multiple ways for teachers to get certified, certificates and endorsements. Isn't the TOEFL enough, for example? Why get a Gifted and Talented Certificate?  Why spend time learning about how Lucy Calkins teaches reading and writing?

My response is always this: If you want to be competitive and become the best teacher you can be, these days getting at least one Google Education certification is essential – and you probably want to get more than one.

The truth is that most traditional certification programs are based on old teaching models and technology. But if you've even been near a classroom lately, you know those are outdated. These days, up-to-date technology is at the heart of engaging with students and making the most out of your time with them.

Employers know this, and the best schools are always looking for people who understand how to use that technology to improve the classroom experience and the overall reputation of their school. I cannot think of one interview I’ve had where I haven’t been asked how I incorporate technology in the classroom.  Every school wants to know how you use technology to enhance student learning. 

This means that having Google Education Certification will make your resume or CV stand out. You will be known as someone who can provide the school with an understanding of the modern technology of teaching, and help other educators get up to speed as well.

You'll also feel comfortable with the technology itself, which makes your working day considerably easier and your methods much more effective. Many schools rely on Google for Education as part of their daily life.  Teachers use Google Classroom to make assignments, grade tests, communicate with parents, etc.  These things have a learning curve and the best way to learn is from Google itself and from other education professions.

Once you get certified, you can encourage your co-workers to get certified as well by demonstrating the advantages to them. This will help your school grow in technological knowledge. It will also help to create a learning environment that supports collaborative networks. Creating small communities of learning is important in creating a school environment that grows together. 

You have many options to get Google Certification.  Google has classes and videos that aid in this certification.  Check out:


Also, many teachers find that weekend workshops are a great way to learn the newest and most advanced technology.  Check to see if a Google Summit is going to be in your area:


Overall, there is no reason not to get Google Education Certifications, and many compelling reasons to achieve them. Why not get started now, and help yourself grow your professional future?

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No pay for Google. But, they are amazing and what they are offering free for teachers and educators can't be beat!

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