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  1. Anything you say to the wise will make them wiser.

    Whatever you tell the righteous will add to their knowledge.

  2. BIG DATA is being hyped as the greatest tool since the printing press, and whist I generally disagree [I like learning about the outliers], "The Eviction Lab at Princeton University has built the first nationwide database of evictions. Find out how many evictions happen in your community. Create custom maps, charts, and reports. Share facts with your neighbors and elected officials." https://evictionlab.org This is an incredible tool for teaching about poverty, community, an even globalization. Reading Guides: http://www.evictedbook.com/reading-group-guides Teacher
  3. http://cps.adobeeducate.com/?trackingid=BJ4T3JGK Adobe, in support of their Creative Cloud products, sponsored a study focusing on teaching creativity. It seems that their definitions of "creativity" and "technology" require a computer and great software. However, their findings are interesting. Those surveyed were in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan. Japan's classrooms are the least resourced. Part of what we, as international educators, need to consider is glossed in this survey. What is creativity? Does "inquiry learning," the current buzz word in global curriculum, push bein
  4. Oh , I love Tianjin!! I was in Beijing 北京 from 2004-2011, and Yantai, Shandong 2015-17. We took the bullet train from 北京 to Tianjin in its first 90 days -- quick, beautiful, and elegant in an oddly Olde World kind of way.
  5. BBC International School reports indefinite closure after next semester, parents furious from Egypt independent The school has been open for 32 years, but cites rising costs as the primary reason for closing. They are also ceasing to be accredited at the end of the school year. http://www.egyptindependent.com/bbc-international-school-reports-indefinite-closure-after-next-semester-parents-furious/
  6. One of my continual teaching struggles is exposing students to an expanded world view through an understanding of current events. The site with which I have had the most success is NewsELA. newsela.com There is a free version, which is perfectly suitable. Essentially, NewsELA aggregates news articles from various reputable (and mostly American) news outlets. The two biggest standout advantages of NewsELA over merely having students read news websites are in the (A) Student Reading Monitoring and (B) Teacher Tools. (A) Student Reading Monitoring -- many of these are
  7. Welcome Sonya! Are you considering staying in Turkey or looking to move to another country?
  8. It's nearly December, and many expat teachers are thinking about Christmas. Some of us have been thinking about it since September, shopping for the best flights. Others of us know we can't afford a 53-hour flight with 4 changes to get from here to "Home." And a few of us are in places where Christmas Day is barely a blip on the calendar and not recognized as a holiday. So, for those of us who will stay local -- what can be done? First, for those who don't have a school calendar that acknowledges Christmas, if at all possible: tak
  9. I signed up with Schrole in late March of 2017 when my school fell apart, knowing at the time that it was late in the hiring season. I received quality matches and had several phone interviews. My current school actually contacted me after reading my Schrole resume and info. It appears that Schrole appeals to schools that do not want to do the "BIG Three" hiring companies and want more control over their criteria.
  10. https://teacherlink.teachingnomad.com/teaching-license?utm_source=ZohoCampaigns&utm_campaign=Introducing+online+Teaching+License+program+2_2017-06-22&utm_medium=email The TEACH-NOW group has paired with Arizona and Washington DC to offer a new program for educators to obtain a US teaching certification. Many US states have reciprocity, so a AZ or DC cert would allow a teacher to go to many other states in the US and, of course, overseas. From the blurb: The TEACH-NOW program provides a unique teaching model. Instead of enrolling in several different courses each semester
  11. Go to church!! Overseas, there are generally three types of churches. 1) the local congregation 2) the "missionary church," usually helmed by an American or a Brit and generally very evangelistic in its aim 3) the Expat church -- has a full English language congregation and probably separate a local-language congregation. Some of these will be tied to a Western denomination, but many are looser and call themselves "The International Fellowship of ___." ------------ Why go if you have no desire to participate in their faith? You'll meet people! You'll me
  12. Text, text, TEXT! ProTIp: buy an iPhone. Why? iMessage can be used on any Apple device under the same AppleID. Thus, you can log and text from you MacBook, from your local iPhone, and pick up right where you left off when you land in your home country and turnoff that iPhone. So, why text? Most modern phones have cameras, and if it's a phone, it should text. People back home like to see random stuff on the street -- things that wouldn't make it into a weekly email/monthly letter -- the things that happen NOW. Be connected on a daily basis-- your grandmother would prob
  13. A year later, his whereabouts are known, but it seems that Myanmar police are not pursuing him. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/murdered-teachers-family-slam-cops-11463991
  14. Hello Stephanie!! I was at The Bean for a couple of years when we started pursuing WSAC, IB, and separating the MHS from the Elementary campuses. WHere are you now -- in fall 2017?
  15. Liam-- Where are you now-- Nov 2017? I am actually also in Semarang at the moment!
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