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    A year later, his whereabouts are known, but it seems that Myanmar police are not pursuing him. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/murdered-teachers-family-slam-cops-11463991
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    East Carolina University has a wonderful program that is part of their East Asian Cohort. It is an EdD that is geared for professionals willing to spend two weeks in Bangkok each summer and then two semesters online. Each summer, the group meets at the Thai-Chinese International School for two weeks. The online work is challenging but very rewarding. I just finished my second term with the group and I have been very impressed with the professors, the program and the amount of individual attention I get from the teachers. The professors are very motivated to teach groups of teachers wanting to be active researchers. Here is a blurb from their site. Check the link below for full program details. ECU is a member institution of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED). This group is focused on making the EdD a true doctoral degree for practitioners. As such, the aim is to create an experience that honors the time and wisdom of full-time practitioners coupled with a learning experience that will ultimately improve one’s practice. At ECU we have created a CPED inspired program that is three years—all in. That is, the course work and “problem of practice” (AKA dissertation or capstone project) are embedded throughout the individually or in teams. This new EdD has been successfully piloted with a cohort in North Carolina where the 3 year completion rate was 90%. The national 7 year average is less than 40%! Our uniquely designed EdD is tailored to meet the needs of full time practitioners. Program features include: A 3 Year Degree Program Including Dissertation On-line Fall and Spring Courses Two Week Face-to-Face Component each Summer in Bangkok (Last 2 Weeks of June) Face-to-Face Dissertation Coaching (Scheduled Individually) http://www.ecu.edu/cs-educ/leed/EdD-Int.cfm
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    As international educators, it is often hard to find things overseas that we have at our fingertips in the USA. There are times when we desire a little touch of home to make our lives feel more connected to our roots. There are a few things that I have found that I like and that make me feel like I am missing very little when I am not in the USA. I post these in hopes that others will add to this list. 1. USTVNow.com - This is a paid service that allows you to watch full and unedited TV from the USA. You can get ABC, NBC, CBS and a ton of other stations. The cost is often high for some as it costs about 25 USD per month. But, for me, I love politics and I can’t often find the Sunday talk shows on the torrents and I can easily either watch them live on USTVNow or I can record them using their DVR service and watch later. I have been using USTVNow for a few years, and I love it. I can watch live all football and baseball games I want, and I was even able to look at the debates for the Presidential election live and unedited. I also like that I can hook my Roku up and link my USTVNow account and watch things live on my TV. It is an authentic American TV experience. 2. IHerb.com - This is a nutrition and supplement store. I used it monthly in Saudi Arabia. They ship fast, and they ship via DHL. They sell herbs and organic foods. What I use them for is my ZonePerfect protein bar and also a variety of beans. They have a wide range of things on their store, and they are fast to ship. I do notice they do not ship more than a few pounds to Thailand as there seems to be an issue with customs in Thailand but for every other country, it is fast and very efficient. 3. Amazon.com - Amazon ships globally and often very quickly. The problem is often the high cost of shipping, but it all depends on the item you want. I needed a new Roku player in Thailand and I ordered on a Wednesday, and it was delivered 2 days later. It cost about 15USD for the shipping but totally worth it as I needed to get it before the debates. Please add to this list of things you like to get overseas.
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