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  1. I would call this school “a wretched hive of scum and villainy,” but that would be giving it too much credit. It lacks that much imagination. More to the point, it's everything everyone has ever warned you about when it comes to teaching abroad. I really wish I'd done more research before I agreed to teach at The World Academy. My only solace is that I'm not alone. Many of my colleges refused to sign new contracts at the end of the term, and with good reason. All of us had gotten used to being paid late. And we were used to the administration being crazily stingy. Time and time again we were asked to pay out of pocket for things, and time and time again, after we did so our reimbursements got “lost” or simply not paid at all. It actually ended up costing me money to teach at The World Academy. The main problem is that there is just no clear administrative direction. Things like providing books or school supplies seem lost on them. And they really don't like teachers who are westerners. The idea of having any sort of social life while you are working here is absurd. Even if there was anything to do in the area, you wouldn't have time to do it because they keep tacking on extra work for you. (Much of this because teachers simply quit, and then the rest of us got stuck teaching their classes for free.) It's really a shame because a well managed school could do well here. The students really wanted to learn and were some of the best and most motivated I've ever tried to teach. I say “try” because honestly without supplies or a curriculum anything resembling actual teaching was nearly impossible. I can't even being to describe what a complete disappointment teaching here was. The school stole a year of my time, which is worth even more to me than the money they scammed off me. If Trump University still existed, it would be a step up from this sarlacc pit.
  2. I have worked at various schools in the Middle East for years and enjoy the life and the culture.