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  1. This company does a really good job at trying to pair teachers with schools. We have gotten quite a few leads with them. They seem to be very proactive and emails are always answered really fast. The ladies running this are keeping up with their site and seem to be in touch with most of the schools they represent. This is one group that I would recommend if you are looking for international teaching jobs. https://www.trueteaching.com/
  2. We signed up with this company last year and did not get many inquiries from them. They seem to be pretty limited in the number of schools that use them. But, I like their website. It is easy to use. We are signed up for their new job listings email and only get one or two of those per week. It seems there is little activity going on there. Does anyone have other experiences with this company? http://schrole.com/
  3. I am a long time international educator and have taught on 4 continents. I have been teaching for over 10 years.
  4. I had an overall positive experience while teaching at the American School of Brasilia. I suspect that over time things will get even better, but I can only base this review on my own personal experience. Shortly after I arrived I heard horror stories about how the school had been run in the past. However, those stories all involved the school when it was being run by a former director who recently left. The director, Mr. Dequanne, who I worked with, seemed very dedicated to solving problems from the past. I found him to be extremely effective and while he has yet to turn it i
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