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    Hi Michael! What exactly do you mean, degrees or things like CELTA? I hold a BEd, an MA in linguistics and I'm certified to teach in Poland, which is where I studied. Apart from that, I'll get an MA TESOL this summer as well. Oh and thanks, I'll check out Dave's ESL Cafe as well.
  2. Hi and thanks for letting me in! My name's Anton (or shorter, Tony) and I joined this community to get some advice on how to land jobs, as that's not going too well for me at the moment. About myself: I grew up in Germany, was brought up bilingually (German/English) and after some time at the Ruhr Uni Bochum, I emigrated to Poland, where I got my B.A. (education) and my M.A. (linguistics) at the University of Warsaw. I taught at a private language school in Warsaw and did some other language related jobs, before I emigrated to Russia, to teach at the biggest private language school in the beautiful city of Ulyanovsk. After a short period teaching as a grade 3 teacher at an elementary school in Germany, I moved to Kazakhstan to teach German at an elite public high school. I'm also getting a second M.A. in English philology in July. Now that my school has decided to let all foreign language teachers go this summer, I'm looking for a job again. I hope to get some advice and inspiration here in this forum.
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