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  1. Hey, people. My name is Ben, and I have been abroad twelve years as a teacher. I have had an amazing experience, albeit riddled with moments of profound desperation, humour, and more memorably, cultural differences. I know you have all had the same experience, and I am sure you would love the world to know! I want to collect stories from international teachers all over the world. The stories are going to be for a book: think Chicken Soup for the Teacher's Soul, but these stories are not going to be sugar coated, uplifting, epithets of positivity; I want these stories to show
  2. Hello, there! I am Ben, and I have lived and taught English language arts and EAL for 12 years in countries such as Egypt, Qatar, USA, China, and Vietnam. I am now in Spain working on an education consultancy with my wife, who is also a teacher. I am here to reach out to other like-minded educators and share stories and ideas. Hope everyone is surviving the 2020 apocalypse okay! Ben.
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