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  1. Hi all, I have a question regarding what might be the best option for international school teaching certification. FIrstly, I am a Canadian citizen but I have no interest in teaching in Canada. I would like to have a better chance to teach at international schools (not necessarily IB but that wouldn't hurt). I am not getting a Canadian certification because it's 2 years and upscale 15 - 20 thousand Canadian. I am interested in doing a distance learning course that will gain me some teaching certification. In short: My question is will it be more valueble to do a PGCE to obtain QTS (even though I don't want to teach in the UK)? Or is any US teaching certification just as valuable to international schools? It's a bit tricky since I don't want to teach in the UK or in the US but it seems those are the best options for obtaining teacher status. As I said, in Canada there are no online or affordable options... Any insight? Thank you very much!
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