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  1. This is a very interesting question and one that I do not have a fully formed opinion on. I think that as someone from the deep south in the United States, I grew up mostly around one skin color. Branching out in the world allowed me to realize that there is more than one skin color and as much as I hate to admit it, at first, I was nervous when introduced to different skin colors . Luckily, something within me had a desire to face that fear and get to know those who are different than me. This desire has led me to a mindset different than what I was raised. I think it is beyond important to impress on children, from a young age, that people have different skin colors but it is not a definition of who they are. Maybe, in the Spanish language, coming up with words for different skin tones while emphasizing that it doesn't make another person different. It is just a different way to describe them. I believe in the importance of encouraging children to have an open mind who bases judgement on actions rather than looks. This will allow us to have a more open-minded world and a world that is able to appreciate visual differences instead of choosing to judge the person based on what they look like.
  2. What you have posted are some great examples of learning. For me, I have been living in Costa Rica, a Spanish speaking country for a year. When I first arrived, I spoke 0 Spanish. Now, I can semi-confidently say that I am conversational in my Spanish. It has been a long road of learning and I still have much to learn but here are some things that I have found helpful: 1. Depending on your school situation, you may have locals working at your school. Even if they speak English, choose to interact with them in their native language. It is a safe atmosphere to learn because you are surrounded by people whose profession is to teach others! Also, I have found it is easier for me to understand teachers when they speak Spanish because they are already naturally aware of their speed/clearness in their voice. 2. Listen to the local music. Encourage your students to write down their favorite band that is sung in their native language. This allows you to get to know what type of music your students are listening to. Students usually are excited to help you learn their native language. I have found it is a great way to find connection with your students. 3. Talk to your Uber driver! Some of my best Spanish lessons have been with various Uber drivers. You know that an Uber driver is likely willing to talk since they have a job as a driving service. Also, I have found in Costa Rica that many people want to learn English. This makes it a great opportunity for your driver to speak English to you while you respond in Spanish. 4. Spanishpod101 is a great website for learning Spanish. You listen to many native speakers which is very helpful. 5. Put post-it notes everywhere. In your house, label everything with post-it note vocabulary. That way you are always seeing the vocabulary around your house. I am planning on starting to do it in my classroom as well! I will have students quiz me once in a while on the vocabulary in my classroom. It is a great way to connect. This is what I have found most helpful so far and hope that this information can be helpful to others Also, any other tips would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I am happy to as well! I am slightly confused as to the website though. Do I pick a forum and reply to the ones that I would like to reply to? I work at Blue Valley School in San Jose. I will work to provide information about my experience once I get more used to this website
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Morgan and I am currently a middle school world history teacher and a high school US history teacher in San Jose, Costa Rica. I have just finished my first full year teacher and am loving the journey of learning that I am currently on! I am excited to participate in this blog
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