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  1. This is a very interesting question and one that I do not have a fully formed opinion on. I think that as someone from the deep south in the United States, I grew up mostly around one skin color. Branching out in the world allowed me to realize that there is more than one skin color and as much as I hate to admit it, at first, I was nervous when introduced to different skin colors . Luckily, something within me had a desire to face that fear and get to know those who are different than me. This desire has led me to a mindset different than what I was raised. I think it is beyond important
  2. What you have posted are some great examples of learning. For me, I have been living in Costa Rica, a Spanish speaking country for a year. When I first arrived, I spoke 0 Spanish. Now, I can semi-confidently say that I am conversational in my Spanish. It has been a long road of learning and I still have much to learn but here are some things that I have found helpful: 1. Depending on your school situation, you may have locals working at your school. Even if they speak English, choose to interact with them in their native language. It is a safe atmosphere to learn because you are sur
  3. I am happy to as well! I am slightly confused as to the website though. Do I pick a forum and reply to the ones that I would like to reply to? I work at Blue Valley School in San Jose. I will work to provide information about my experience once I get more used to this website
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Morgan and I am currently a middle school world history teacher and a high school US history teacher in San Jose, Costa Rica. I have just finished my first full year teacher and am loving the journey of learning that I am currently on! I am excited to participate in this blog
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