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  1. The lure of Rio bring many to EARJ. However, once at the school, things change fast from what is promoted at job fairs to the reality. To start, the recruiting office does a poor job at finding appropriate candidates. They advertise heavily on all the major recruiting sites but they those in charge of the process do not have good insight on how to hire the top quality people. The first step to make EARJ great again is to replace the entire recruiting team and bring in a group that knows how to get true professionals hired. Second, you do not get much support regards to curriculum and you are pretty much left to do your own thing. If they want to improve, they need a tight curriculum and everything organized. Third, Rio is amazing and beautiful. It is a city full of magic. You will find lots to do in the city. But, you have to be careful as it is not the safest city around and many teachers have been mugged and robbed. It is not a place for families. Lastly, the school has great potential. It has a new campus and money is being invested. It is starting IB in multiple grades and it is starting to make some positive changes. However, these changes will do little to help the school if they cannot hire good quality people, retain them, and make sure they are given the supplies needed to succeed. My wife and I enjoyed our time at EARJ but we are happy to be moving on to other opportunities.
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