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  1. Hi to all!! My name is Dana. I have been an educator for 11 years. I am a certified Special Education (K-12)/ General Education (4-8) Teacher as well as a Certified Teacher Trainer in Classroom Management/ Student Engagement and Motivation. I have had the "itch" to teach abroad for several years now. My young children are now young adults and I feel free to move on with my life in a direction of adventure, enjoyment and travel. I believe that my career in education should be able to afford me such rich learning and sharing opportunities. I would love to get started for fall of next year! I am currently teaching 5th grade RLA for my state. I am a novice when it comes to choosing reputable companies that recruit and I want my experience to be a pleasant one. I hope to learn from the experiences of people via the forum.. All the best!!
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