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The Best Places For International Educators In 2017

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With the New Year, many international educators are going to start thinking about new places to teach. Other teachers who have never taught internationally before will start thinking about teaching internationally, and wondering where to do so.

Location is so important – because your quality of life has a direct bearing on how your overall teaching experience will be. The truth is though that there can never be a definitive guide to international education spots. Where to teach to have the best experience is very fluid, and varies from year to year.

That's why we were happy to see that the International TEFL Academy recently published their guide to the best places for international educators in 2017. We want to share the list with you, along with some brief explanations.

1.    China. Free housing and high salaries plus low costs mean that it's possible for teachers to save as much as $1,000 a month while teaching there. Plus, having China on your CV is a huge positive for future employment.

2.    Spain. The country with the largest demand for English-speaking teachers in all of Europe. Because their economy is sluggish, a priority is put on learning English so students can compete internationally. This means English teachers are paid OK and are shown a great deal of respect. However, it is not a place to earn a great income as the tax rates are high.

3.    South Korea. A beautiful country where teachers are well paid and treated with respect. While not quite as exotic as China, teachers here can save a similar amount per month while having a great time.  All in all, more international teachers say they can save more money per month in Korea than in any other Asian country.

4.    Brazil. Beautiful beaches, friendly people and a government that has put a high priority on learning English means great opportunities. Plus, you can easily travel all through South America during long breaks. Most of the opportunities are at language schools and you must be very careful which one you choose as some are scams but there are many reputable ones to be found.

5.    Turkey. The climate of Greece, but in a country that has a real economy. The huge demand for English teachers means you can negotiate a great salary and benefits package.  In past years, it was considered very safe compared to other Middle Eastern countries. But, in recent days, the terrorist attacks that plague the region also have started to plague this great country.

6.    Taiwan. If you like the idea of teaching in China but don't want to deal with the political baggage of doing so, Taiwan is a great compromise. You'll still be able to save tons of money, and there are beautiful beaches.

7.    Czech Republic. This is the country of choice for people who want a long-term EU visa. Just by accepting an English-speaking job in the republic, you can get a multiple-year visa that will allow you to live anywhere in Europe.

8.    Colombia. The drug wars are over, but because they left the country with a bad reputation it is hard for schools to recruit international educators. Today it is a peaceful and beautiful country where you can negotiate a great salary and benefits package.

9.    Nicaragua. Another country with a bad reputation because of its past, Nicaragua is a beautiful, nearly tourist-free South American country to teach English, with many job openings.

10.    Vietnam. With thousands of schools that need English teachers, a thriving economy, high salaries and low prices, Vietnam can be a dream place to teach and lie on the beach.

cc 2016 InternationalEducators.com



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