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Hello all!

I am an American who has been teaching overseas and International students since 1999.

At this point, I've lived and taught(years) in 5 countries-- Austria(student), US(6), South Korea(1), China(10), and Indonesia(1). I also taught for the Turkish Embassy(1) and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia(2) in the US.

Generally, I teach English Literature and Humanities/ History to grades 7-12; my favorite are 7th grade and 11th grade.

I have done IB-DP, IB-MYP, IMYC, IGCSE, AP, and boutique curriculum (and, frankly, "design-it-yourself-Who-Care" in a few places).

I've also been a school director and an adminstrator. 

All the while, I was a single mom and raised two daughters.

I like curriculum design, and my pet peeve is rubrics that say "exceeds expectations" and "is attractive."

Finally, I hope to be a prolific poster -- so long as I receive abundant replies!

Kris, the Expat Egg

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