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Alternative Route to Certification

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Thanks Michael,  def a good place to start.  Think the demand fir adult learning (and teaching in general) is high in Sweden.  Im currently on their national SFI curriculum here to Kean swedish.  Think I have to complete levels A-D as a minimum and potentially higher before university etc to work in schools  which is why im looking at all options. 

Will be enquiring with teachers at the college too. Looking into all sources of knowledge and opportunity. 

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Hej Michael, 

I've also been looking into a Celta, it looks potentially useful ( more so than a TEFL!?) SOmebody else suggested it was challenging too, especially if completed full time but it does seem like a realistic, fast track option of sorts. It might limit me to adult education though for the time being but it would be a useful addition to my CV.

Looks like there i only one school here in Sweden providing the course, Umeå up in the north of the country.I find myself in Uppsala('Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' territory). It's a city in it's own right about 40 minutes north of Stockholm.)

There are apparently 4 schools providing the course in London where i previously lived and have ties to. Online courses are a possibility but attendance for class planning and assessment are required and international travel is obviously complicated right now. 

I will look int the other links you've sent too.


Thanks for your support, much appreciated.



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