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Unlocking the Power of Classroom Talk: Teaching Kids to Talk with Clarity and Purpose

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Shana Frazin and Katy Wischow passionately believe in the need to help students develop strong talk skills across the school day, in every subject, to prepare them for their academic lives and lives as active citizens outside of school. Using a unique "cycle" for talk that's similar to the writing process (generating, choosing, developing, acting, and reflecting), they name the predictable things we do most times we engage in a conversation, and show us how we can teach into those parts.

Shana and Katy provide practical strategies for teaching four important purposes for talk that exist both in the classroom and in the real world:
- talking to build relationships
- talking to play with ideas
- talking to clarify, analyze, and argue
- talking to report.
They offer a clear description of each purpose, the "when and how" to teach into those purposes, and what to do when things go awry. Classroom video brings the content to life showing what the talk looks and sounds like in action.

https: //samplechapters.heinemann.com/unlocking-power-classroom-talk

Shana Frazin (Author) Katy Wischow (Author)

Part One: Foundations of Talk
Ch. 1: Why Teach Talk?
Ch. 2: Talk Is a Cycle, Too
Part Two: Purposes for Talk
Ch. 3: Talking to Build Relationships
Ch. 4: Talking to Play with Ideas
Ch. 5: Talking to Clarify, Analyze, and Argue
Ch. 6: Talking to Report
Part Three: Leveling Up Your Talk
Ch. 7: Reciprocity: The Relationship Between Listening and Talking
Ch. 8: Making Talk Visible: Celebrating, Going Public, and Assessing
Ch. 9: Tackling Talk Trouble


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