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Let the children play... introduction of new member


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Hello everyone, I am Gabriela from Argentina, currently teaching Reception in Thailand. I am an Image and Sound Designer with a passion for outdoors and art. I love walking in mountains and glacier progressions (specially when I find myself alone in nature), open water swimming, cyclotouring. I started as an Audiovisual teacher (stop motion) for primary school students. Then became a governess in the Australian desert and finally one of the outcomes of the Pancake Trail in SEA XD, teaching in Thailand, China, and so on. I am very curious and I am always trying to drive the children's curiosity so they can question and produce their own knowledge as much as possible. I have also enjoyed teaching Drama and Art. I am here mainly to ask about the PGCE course as I am not a licensed teacher and I am interested in developing my career. This will actually be my next post. 

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