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"skin color" do you know what I mean?

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Hi everyone. I wanted to ask your opinions about a topic that I want to invite you to reflect about. I am from Colombia, in preschool education when students see colors they learn that there is one called "skin color" (color piel in spanish). This happens even in international schools and I do not agree with that. I consider that this preconcept is not one that represents the international mindness and the IB phylosophy. I also consider it even danger because students have less posibility to represent their own identity and it can also feed racial discrimination. Maybe there are more reasons, but I want to read your opinions. Does this happen in your countries too? Do you consider it a logical identification? Do you think it is something with no importance? 

I will be glad to know more points of view. This is the "skin color" I am talking about.

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This is a very interesting question and one that I do not have a fully formed opinion on.  I think that as someone from the deep south in the United States, I grew up mostly around one skin color.  Branching out in the world allowed me to realize that there is more than one skin color and as much as I hate to admit it, at first, I was nervous when introduced to different skin colors .  Luckily, something within me had a desire to face that fear and get to know those who are different than me.  This desire has led me to a mindset different than what I was raised. I think it is beyond important to impress on children, from a young age, that people have different skin colors but it is not a definition of who they are.  Maybe, in the Spanish language, coming up with words for different skin tones while emphasizing that it doesn't make another person different.  It is just a different way to describe them.  I believe in the importance of encouraging children to have an open mind who bases judgement on actions rather than looks.  This will allow us to have a more open-minded world and a world that is able to appreciate visual differences instead of choosing to judge the person based on what they look like. 

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