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  1. I find the virtual fairs to be a waste of time. Live and in person is best but that is not going to happen this year. We have to do the best we can in these very unique times. What I hope doesn't happen is that all of these fairs continue to be a waste of time for everyone. If schools are not looking, stop posting. Schrole posted tons of jobs in the past few days but no replies. Is it not respectful to at least offer a letter of acknowledgement?
  2. Who is your best friend? Tell us about him/her. What type of animal is your spirit animal? Why? What is your earliest childhood memory? How many people are in your family? What is the birth order of your sibling(s), if you have them? What is your proudest accomplishment? Why? Tell us about a childhood nickname of yours. Where did it come from? What is one thing that you always procrastinate? Why? What is your biggest pet peeve? What is your favorite book you’ve ever read? Do you have a memory box of ticket stubs, cards, letters, etc? If so, why do y
  3. These are examples and can be built upon. The idea is to create open-ended questions that do not place moral judgment or condemnation. Our questioning should invite reflection and expression. PROACTIVE – PERSONAL Name a Thorn and Rose from [time frame] Personal weather report (ex: “There was some fog this morning but the sun is coming out”) In one word, describe (how you’re feeling about this year, what you think about this weekend, etc.) What are some personal goals you have for this year? For the next 5 years? What do you do in your time ou
  4. These are some question ideas to use in your digital class forums, discussions, or individual assignments to check in your students. You can also use these to open up any virtual classes you hold. Some are more catered towards secondary, some will work for all ages. What does your daily schedule look like when learning from home? For what are you most grateful in this time of learning from home? What do you miss most about school? What are you most worried about during these uncertain times? How do you cope with stress these days? What are some methods of self car
  5. Often, review writing for students is a boring thing to do. It is important for them to understand that it doesn't always have to be boring. Below is a great review from the New York Times that is done in a series of questions. It is a fun example for students to see if they are starting to write reviews. https://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/14/dining/reviews/restaurant-review-guys-american-kitchen-bar-in-times-square.html
  6. Saudi Aramco is great but with the oil market taking a dip, they are cutting jobs left and right.
  7. I have just started to learn about his and it looks excellent. How are others using it in their schools? https://jamboard.google.com
  8. I have been looking for a way to use Google Keep. Thank you. I like the way you have have multiple labels and organize by themes. I did not think about using the copy to Google Docs as a way to share work with teachers but that works great. Do you know if thy will be adding more features to this for the upcoming school year? I read that Google Meet is being greatly enhanced for the fall.
  9. The curriculum is organized, and follows the IB and the AERO. The school is small and you can easily get to know all staff members. The city is amazing and one of the hidden gems of Brazil. The salary is decent and it affords you the chance to live a decent life and to take trips around South America. We are near to Argentina and teachers travel there often. Of course, Rio and Sao Paulo are easy to get to but more expensive than the south of Brazil. The students at the school are great but often entitled. The school is growing and we have enough supplies to do what we want. Technology is
  10. I saw this site on Facebook. I am currently with my husband in Brazil and we are moving to Asia in July. Looking forward to seeing what the world is like teaching in Asia.
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