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  1. Great job on the list. I know most of the schools on the list. However, how did Regents get on that list? It is a horrible place to work. Why is Wells not on the list?
  2. Congratulations on the new site! Welcome.
  3. This is the last day of the Bangkok job fair. A few observations. The fair was at the Shangri-La Hotel which is beautiful but a bit expensive. I chose to stay at The Ascott which is a very nice executive apartment less than 5 minutes to hotel. I had a beautiful fully furnished 1 bedroom for less than 100 USD per night. The room was 1100 sq feet with a full kitchen. The pool was excellent and the gym was the best I have seen. I had a lot of early activity on my ISS resume before the fair started. I also had 3 schools I wanted to interview with. I sent notes to all 3 schools. The fair s
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