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Top 10 International Schools in Thailand

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Top 10 International Schools in Thailand

Bangkok, and Thailand in general, is a destination for many people who want to teach abroad. But there are so many different schools to apply to; it can be hard to choose. With that in mind, we decided to create our own list of the top 10 international schools in Bangkok to help you figure out where you want to teach!

Number 1 – NIST International School

No matter who you talk to, the NIST International School always gets top marks. Teachers, students, and administrators alike have nothing bad to say about it. You can “live like a king” on the salary provided, work with a well-qualified local and international staff, and have the full support of the children's parents.

NIST is known for making its teachers work hard, but because of its reputation for excellence, spending time here will boost your resume and make you attractive when it's time to move on to teach elsewhere.

The school is run as a non-profit, which has kept it from falling into the trap of simply trying to make money by bringing in a ton of students and few teachers. Instead, you'll have the time to pay personal attention to your students. And you'll have many chances to travel. By far the highest rated school in the city.


Number 2 - Thai Chinese International School

It only fails to make the top spot because the salaries are slightly lower than at NIST. Other than that, both schools live up to the same standards of excellence. The curriculum is based on Common Core and AP and is kept up to date. It is also the only school in Thailand that requires all students to be proficient in three languages: English, Thai, and Chinese.

Teachers are encouraged to work with their students, and all staff are encouraged to participate in continuing education programs. All students have Macs, and there is an ebook and e-learning environment that is exceptional.

The staff all work well together and the students, who come from around the world, are motivated. In past years it encouraged new teachers to apply and then worked with them to turn them into superior educators. Recently, they have spent a great deal of time and money recruiting teachers with ten or more years of experiences.  This makes for a highly experienced staff.

TCIS is also the host school for the East Carolina University EdD program, and several of their teachers are highly involved.  The school is encouraging all their faculty to get doctorate degrees.


Number 3 – International School Bangkok

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges the academics at this K-12 school are excellent. But what actually sells most people on the institution is the atmosphere. It is friendly and creative, but also pushes teachers and students to reach their maximum potential.

The administration is known for being transparent – something that can be hard to find in the international education community. You won’t be working right in the center of the city, which makes going out even more fun when you get away from Campus. But, the campus is a paradise itself.

The pay grade is also top-notch, probably the best in all of Thailand, and the parents are eager to work with you to help their students learn. Another school in Bangkok where there is nearly nothing bad to say about it.


Number 4 – Bangkok Patana School

Thailand's oldest British school, and the largest British school in Thailand has maintained a level of academic excellence for decades. While rooted in ancient traditions, teachers describe the environment as forward-thinking. Teachers generally work well with administrators and parents alike.

The assigned housing for first-year teachers is much better than at many international schools, and the housing allowance for teachers in their second year and beyond is generally described as generous.

There is an enormous amount of diversity in the teaching staff, which means that everyone can find their own place to fit in. Because creativity is encouraged, teachers can expect new and exciting challenges on a regular basis.


Number 5 – Shrewsbury International School

Established in 2003, the Shrewsbury International School (which is affiliated with the UK school of the same name) is one of the newer schools in Bangkok, but still follows the old British school tradition. And, at that, it has become successful.

The staff is described as supportive, and many people enjoy the chance to teach at a small school with low-class sizes and little bureaucracy to get in the way of finding ways to reach students.

The administration does not try to stop teachers from trying new teaching methods and finding their own personal educational style. Much of the staff has deep roots in the community, and turnover is low.


Number 6 – Harrow International School

Overseen by the world renowned Harrow School in London, it has kept up to the high standards one would expect at that UK boarding school. The campus itself is one of the most beautiful to be found at any international school, with lots of green spaces and access to the water.

In fact, water sports are extremely popular at the school and, anyone who likes water skiing or crew will have an excellent time while teaching here. While there is plenty of time for play, academics are demanding and incentivize both students and teachers to do their best.

The campus is constantly expanding with new buildings and resources, and staff morale is one of the highest you'll find anywhere. For people who want new challenges and an active lifestyle, Harrow International School is a great choice.


Number 7 – KIS International School

KIS stands for “Knowledge – Inspiration – Spirit,” and that sums up this international school. With a teacher-student ratio of 8:1, you'll never have to deal with an overcrowded classroom during your stint here.

When people talk about their experiences at KIS, the most commonly used word is “friendly.” Teachers get along with students. The staff gets along with the administrators, and the parents get along with everyone. Being such a small school, people say it's more like living in an upbeat community than having a teaching placement.

The academic reputation is also excellent. If you are someone who appreciates a smaller than typical learning environment, KIS will be a rewarding experience.


Number 8 - Ruamrudee International School

The most challenging part of working here may be learning how to spell the name of the school! Ruamrudee International School has a lot of younger teachers who are encouraged to find new ways to teach the students and help them, and themselves, achieve excellence.

Much of the administration is younger as well, which makes it easy for them and the staff to socialize after work while brainstorming new ways to help the children learn. This creates a dynamic atmosphere. This is one of the oldest international schools in Thailand and it has a wonderful reputation both inside Thailand and outside Thailand. 

Overall, Ruamrudee International School is recommended for teachers who want a dynamic place to start their international teaching career.


Number 9 – Bromsgrove International School

Bromsgrove International School is a private educational institution affiliated with the school of the same name in Birmingham. Students who excel here are given the chance to live and study at the UK sister school, which is a strong motivator for many young Thais.

Class sizes are small – never more than 20 students, and often considerably less. The location, right on a first-class golf course, is considered excellent. Teachers work well together to help the mix of Korean and Thai students.

What sets Bromsgrove apart is that the students are often some of the brightest at any international school in Thailand. That makes working there a rewarding experience for all of the teachers and staff.


Number 10 – Regent's International School

The students at this traditional British school represent over 50 different nationalities, giving teachers the chance to interact with a variety of diverse cultures. Teachers talk about always feeling welcome when they arrive, and the school is excellent at helping new hires get settled.

The grounds are considered beautiful. Classrooms are well equipped, and class size is small. Teachers, students, and administrators alike dedicate a fair amount of time to helping out local charities. And this is perhaps one of the only schools in the world where staff talks about how great the human resources department is!

This school is particularly recommended for international educators who have children, because unlike most international schools, Regent's makes a real effort to integrate them into the school and the community as a whole.


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This is one of 6 surveys we had commissioned.  We sent a survey to over 50 liberal arts colleges in the USA asking them to rank the schools.  This list is a result of that survey.  I think the top 3 are on the list for specific reasons.  NIST is one of the only full IB schools in Thailand.  TCIS is the school that requires proficiency in 3 languages.  ISB is one of the oldest schools in Thailand.

The other survey results will be published over the coming months. They are the top 10 schools in:




Hong Kong



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