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The Middle East – Where International Educators Can Make the Big Bucks

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There are many reasons to decide to teach abroad. Being able to travel is a main motivator for many people. But it's not the only one – being able to make and save money can be a huge factor for many as well. If that's the case for you, then your best bet is to look at schools in the Middle East, where cash rains on teachers like pennies from heaven.

Let's face it – salaries for educators in the United States are very low these days. Anyone trying to save money while teaching in America is going to have a very hard time. The money teachers make has never been great, and has gotten worse over the years because it doesn't keep up with inflation.

But there are countries that have continued to value education, and are willing to pay for it. This is particularly true in the Middle East.

Countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE know that their students need to understand American English if they are going to be able to get good jobs and compete in the global marketplace. They also know that many teachers are wary of coming to their countries to teach and would rather end up in Europe, South America or the Far East.

To attract decent teachers, they budget for higher salaries. Getting $4,000 a month or more is an attainable goal. While many teachers at the top international school are making more than $9,000 a month tax free.

These schools also tend to work with you to keep your expenses low, often with free health care, housing and other benefits. The combination of a high salary but fewer bills means that it's very easy to put money in the bank and save up.

What a fair number of international educators do is start out by teaching in the Middle East, so that after a few years they have a large nest egg. Then they move on to schools in more traditional regions with lots of money in the bank they can use for travel.

There are, of course, a few caveats. Living in the Middle East can be stressful for women and members of the gay and lesbian community, because these countries are not as progressive. They also shun alcohol, so if you like to drink, these schools may not be for you.

Middle Eastern schools also tend to want proof of professional experience and certifications, so you'll have to make sure your resume is impressive.

All that aside, however, if your primary goal is to make and save money, looking at Middle Eastern schools is a great idea. The money is there for the taking – and you'll end up with an experience on your CV that will make you very attractive to other schools when you are ready to move.

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