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Pan American School Porto Alegre - Review from April 2020

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The curriculum is organized, and follows the IB and the AERO. The school is small and you can easily get to know all staff members. The city is amazing and one of the hidden gems of Brazil. The salary is decent and it affords you the chance to live a decent life and to take trips around South America. We are near to Argentina and teachers travel there often. Of course, Rio and Sao Paulo are easy to get to but more expensive than the south of Brazil.

The students at the school are great but often entitled. The school is growing and we have enough supplies to do what we want. Technology is lacking and principals are often unwilling to hear concerns from teachers.

It is a great place to work and to have a family. We feel safe (not true in all cities in Brazil) an we feel supported by our fellow teachers. The apartment we have is decent but old.The school always pays on time and is a decent place to start a career in international education. It is not a place to save vast sums of money for the future. Jeffrey Michael Jurkovac is the head and has been decent to us. We have not regretted our years at this school one bit. It was great while it lasted.



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