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Search Associates October Job Fair

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My wife and I both interviewed with no success. We had great interviews but the schools just seem to be seeing what is out there. For us it is a total waste of time and I hope the other virtual fairs are not the same. The schools were all willing to interview but not really committing to anything. It was disappointing and I reached out to our Search Associate and he said he knew we were not the only ones in the same boat.

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I find the virtual fairs to be a waste of time. Live and in person is best but that is not going to happen this year. We have to do the best we can in these very unique times. What I hope doesn't happen is that all of these fairs continue to be a waste of time for everyone. If schools are not looking, stop posting. Schrole posted tons of jobs in the past few days but no replies. Is it not respectful to at least offer a letter of acknowledgement?

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