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Please help, issues with Cambridge AS Level Digital Media results

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Hi, I am the Head of Art at an international school in Spain and need some advice regarding some results my students have received in AS Level Digital Media. My group was a mixed group, with some students who did not submit enough work and were predicted E and some students that worked very hard and to a high level, who were predicted A. The results have come back and all of my students have received D or E and I am totally stunned, I do not understand how this is possible. Firstly because of the amount and quality of work submitted by those students with predicted higher grades and secondly because it is complete nonsense that a student who has done barely any work can receive the same grade. I have contacted my Director and said we need to contact Cambridge, to see if there has been a mistake, perhaps related to the submission of work but then I do not know what to do if they say there has not been a mistake. I have had one issue with a result from Cambridge in the past, for A Level Art, and they bascially said there was nothing I could do. It is shocking an heartbreaking that a student who clearly meets all of the assessments criteria and shows good skills and creativity, can receive such a low grade, totally unjust. Please help me in any way you can, I am not going to let this matter drop. Thanks

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