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10 Reasons To Live Abroad You May Have Never Thought Of Before!

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One of the greatest benefits of teaching in a foreign country is that it gives you a chance to live abroad temporarily – or for the rest of your life, if you so choose. But why do people choose to live abroad?

They do so for many reasons – some of which may surprise you! Let's look at some of them.

1.    You don't feel comfortable in your home country. Some of us just feel like we don't fit in with our culture. Going abroad for a while gives you a chance to get out of your culture, and either find a culture that better suits your personality or, in many cases, makes you appreciate your home culture more.

2.    You've reached a life milestone and want to do something new before it's too late. When we turn a certain age, or reach another milestone in our lives, it's a time for self-reflection – and sometimes it makes you realize that you are in a rut. Going away to teach abroad for a year or two can be like a life reset.

3.    You are currently surrounded by toxic people. You may realize that many of the problems in your life – particularly substance abuse – are caused by toxic people in your life, but getting away from them while staying in the same place is hard. Going abroad gives you a clean break and allows you to meet new, healthier people.

4.    You are questioning your sexuality or thinking of coming out. Exploring bisexual or gay urges for the first time in your local community can be stressful, particularly if you are not sure what you really want. Going abroad for a year can give you time to test out your sexuality where people are not used to you being straight-identified. This can make it a lot easier.

5.    You want to make your resume better. The job market is very competitive. Having something stand out on your resume that makes you unique is very important. Living abroad can accomplish that.

6.    You have changed your religion. Maybe you grew up Catholic, but now Islam or Hinduism makes more sense to you. Going to an area where there are people who are experienced with your new religion can be life affirming.

7.    You want to expand your dating pool. If you have gone through a dry spell, you may simply be in the wrong place to date the type of people you are interested in. Going abroad exposes you to new people who may be much more compatible. Plus, people who travel abroad tend to be more sexually open than people in America.

8.    You hate your family. Any shrink will tell you, “There is a reason Americans abroad put an ocean between themselves and their family.”

9.    You think Donald Trump may become president. In that case, spending four to eight years abroad is completely reasonable!

10. You are tired of the gun culture in America. Most other countries don't let citizens buy automatic weapons. Your odds of getting shot in a school in Italy are much lower than in the US.

cc InternationalEducators.com


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