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Chinese int'l school blasted over 'cover-up' of Korean students' deaths

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Yantai Huasheng International School (YHIS) in Yantai, Shandong Province, is under heavy criticism for the alleged cover-up of the deaths of two Korean students during a field trip.

The students, surnamed Cho and Choi, drowned while swimming in the Moei River in Thailand during the school trip on Mar. 24.

The school has avoided investigating the incident and refused to pay compensation to the bereaved families.

About five people a year drown in the river but the school did not properly educate the students, according to the families.


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This reply is months late, but I would like to address the topic.

The linked article is a biased report from a Korean paper... the reality is a bit different.

I was working in education in the Chinese city where the two young men attended school. Reporting on the ground confirmed that the school system flew counselors to Thailand within 48 hours, that a Thai Tourist agency was responsible for locale safety information, and that parents were on the trip -- many of whom decided to accept personal responsibility for their children instead of following school or agency recommendations. 

After the tragedy, an expanded group of parents (who had been maneuvering for greater attention toward the requirements of Korean colleges)  began a negative media blitz.

Those details are coming from a community that was actually very biased against Korean students in China, so although they sound positive, there is a chance that they are as erroneous as the Korea Times. 

The media attention was almost completely silenced when a bus fire in the adjacent town killed 11 mostly Korean kindergarten students.

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