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Adobe-sponsored Creative Problem Solving Research results


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Adobe, in support of their Creative Cloud products, sponsored a study focusing on teaching creativity.

It seems that their definitions of "creativity" and "technology" require a computer and great software.  However, their findings are interesting. Those surveyed were in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan. Japan's classrooms are the least resourced. 

Part of what we, as international educators, need to consider is glossed in this survey. What is creativity? Does "inquiry learning," the current buzz word in global curriculum, push being creative? Does leading a student through a process of asking and answering his own questions lead to creativity? Can true creativity be taught? Can it be nurtured? Does a box of scraps, pieces of wood, string, and assorted pieces of metal joinery produce more creativity in the workplace of the future? Or is making beautiful infographics and distilling information a product of creativity?

What is our responsibility? 



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